This blog is a collaboration between practitioners and researchers interested in engaging in critical conversations about the role of design in politics and public life.

It is intended as a space to share diverse and conflicting perspectives as well as reflections on emerging practice. Through this live exchange of thoughts and ideas, it is our hope that we can learn from each other and collectively work to refine design practice for the public good.

To get the conversation started, we have set ourselves some initial questions that we’ll each be responding to in the coming weeks:

  • Is it possible for design to address big structural issues, like inequality, or is it destined to the incremental tweaking of existing experiences?
  • Should design be integrated with other disciplines and methods to enhance validity and impact, or does that fundamentally disrupt what design has to offer?
  • Is co-design a useful approach for enhancing well-being or it is really over-hyped?
  • Counter to all the talk about “design thinking”, why does aesthetics matter as we bring design practice into new spaces and complex systems?

Join the dialogue! We welcome additional contributors on these or other themes, so just let us know if you’d like to write a response or become a regular contributor by visiting the contact page. Plus, we would love any other suggestions for questions that might be tackled on this blog in the future.